March 6, 2006

Good Signs for Snow 2006

Reports are starting to arrive that indicate that a La Nina is developing in the Pacific Ocean.

Opposite to the El Nino phenomenon, which means drier weather for Australia, a La Nina implies that rainfall should increase to above-average levels. As we know, moisture is needed to make snow!

According to reports, the onset of the La Nina has been swift and intense. An unprecedented event. No one is really sure what this means, but some are speculating about a huge increase in rainfall for Australia.

The last La Nina was 1999 (poor snow season), 2000 (good snow season), 2001 (fair snow season). Season 2000 was the best season since 1992. The last El Nino was 2002 - 2003 (both fair seasons). So it is hard to say that increased moisture will improve snowfall. If you've been following my reports, you will know that I am watching the buildup of andoutbreak of cold systems from Antarctica of the coast of WA. If this moves across in time for winter, it will be a memorable year.

The following image shows the global picture, with the anomalies averaged over the last week. You can see the La Nina extending as warm water from the coast of northen Chilie. Notice the cooler water off the coast of WA.

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies


La Nina Developing In Pacific Ocean

La Nina weather may come early

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